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MRI Imaging Center of Fresno, Inc.
108 West Shaw Ave.
Fresno, California 93704.
Phone: 559-226-2888
Fax: 559-226-2887

North West Imaging
5707 West Ave
Fresno, California 93711
Fax: 559-475-7999

» Testimonials

“The one thing that sets MRI Imaging Center apart from other radiology centers is their staff. They are always friendly and helpful and willing to go to great lengths to make sure that we, as well as our patients, are accommodated.”
SG – Fresno, CA

“When I call MRI Imaging Center the phone is always answered promptly by someone who is ready to help me. I don’t have to negotiate an annoying menu tree or spend precious time on hold”.
BP – Fresno, CA

“MRI Imaging Center is able to schedule our patients quickly and return results in a timely manner, most often faster than the hospitals or other radiology centers.”
JF – Sanger, CA

“I refer patients to MRI Imaging Center knowing that they will be treated with the utmost kindness.”
DV – Fresno, CA

“MRI Imaging Center accepts virtually every insurance provider. This means that I don’t have to shop around to different radiology centers before referring my patients. And, they help with getting prior authorizations. That’s a big plus!”
AG – Madera, CA

“We use MRI Imaging Center of Fresno exclusively. The friendly staff, ease of scheduling, helps with authorizations and timely reports are just some of the reasons.”
BM – Firebaugh, CA

“Our patients like the fact that MRI Imaging Center is more user-friendly and much less intimidating than hospitals or larger clinics. Instead of having to negotiate endless hallways or corridors on their own, they are met in the waiting room by a friendly technologist who guides them through the entire procedure.”
SP – Fresno, CA